Multi-Locked Steel Framing System

Multi-Locked Steel Framing System is an innovative building material and construction technology with wide applications in light structure works, roof trusses and all general framings. With more than ten (10) years of specialized experience in the light weight steel truss industry, we have successfully established ourselves as one of the leading system providers in this industry.

We manufactures a comprehensive range of light gauge, alloy-coated, high-tensile strength roll-formed sections for all kinds of flexible framing systems for residential, commercial, institutional and light industrial buildings. We are also involved in the provision of integrated roofing construction services that include design, fabricating of steel truss sections and installation of the multi-locked steel roof truss system.

To date, steel roof truss has been widely accepted as a replacement for timber trusses due to its distinct advantages and can be used in formation with clay, concrete or metal roofing materials.

The key advantages of Multi-Locked Steel Framing System:

Our main material specification:

High tensile (yield point = 450-550 MPa) alloy-coated steel.

We are capable of providing all sections of a roof truss, namely U section, rectangular, and C section. The design criteria for its roofing systems is strictly in accordance with the loadings, stresses, strengths, capacities and deflections requirements specified in the Code of Practice BS6399 for Dead & Superimposed Loads, as well as BS 5950 for structural use of steelwork in building, and design in simple and continuous construction. To ensure high product quality, we procure our raw materials mainly from International Organisation for Standardisation (“ISO”) certified suppliers.

The general workflow of Multi-Locked Steel Framing System:-